Who is zack ryder dating in real life

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We thought Josh was really hot because of his amazingly toned body, his piercing blue eyes, his locks of strawberry blond hair but what really got us was his ginger beard and his full bush of ginger pubes! Okay that is his nickname but he has had it all his life I wanted to use it. Josh is 34 and restores old sculptures in Brooklyn.Now they are ancient history so Tony came sniffing around to see if he could get a blowjob and unload…Watch Tony Unloads at New York Straight Men Our HOT Arab friend Ryder is in need of a blowjob that a chick just can’t provide.He now spends his weekends upstate working with a buddy fixing motorcycles at a garage that they invested in.Biz is great he tells us, but suckers are in short supply.

Blowing Jim was his first wish and servicing Carlos was his second wish.We took Ryder to a place where he has never been and wasn’t completely comfortable going. Ryder is such a stunning guy we wanted to exploit the situation as much as we could.Watch Ryder & Trey at New York Straight Men Demitri is one of those guys that NEEDS a blowjob on a regular basis or he can’t function and Trey was as hungry for cock as Dimetri was hankering for head…We asked if he had lonely nights up there, he said that he didn’t get any head, if that’s what we meant.As he was riding his motorcycle back into the city, he called us when he pulled off the side of the road to take a piss.

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